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‘Network Thinking’ – TEDxBerlin talk

We spend time thinking about ‘social networks’, and happily attend ‘networking’ events. And when we look at networks from a more academic perspective, we explore social graphs, mapping the connections between nodes. And yet, there is much more to networks. This talk makes a distinction between network infrastructure and network flows – the traffic that […]

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TEDxKrakow Talk is back again! ‘How Things Spread’

For some reason my talk was one of 20 or so on the TEDx YouTube channel that got removed a month ago. Fortunately the TEDx team were able to repost my video. It meant I lost a lot of views that I had the first time the video was released, but I’m just happy the […]

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TedXKrakow: ‘How Things Spread’ – Mark Turrell

How do things spread? Ideas? Behavioral change? A brief run through the fundamental components of spread, and then some unusual examples of how to apply the concepts in oppressive societies – namely Zimbabwe and Libya. Presentation made in Sept 2012 at TedXKrakow and video produced by the TedX team.

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