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North Korea – tourist destination opening soon

Food is a basic human need. You take it away from people, or make it too expensive to buy, and the people get angry. Very angry. Until they starve. And then it’s the survivors that take over. It was amazing that there was no revolution in North Korea during the last famine in the 1990s […]

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The Plan: Positive Change in North Korea is Inevitable – Spring Follows Winter

Can the situation in North Korea and the rest of the region get any worse? The starvation of a decade ago killed 10% of the population, 2 million people by many accounts. That did not provoke dramatic change, not in the way that the Eastern Block crumbled almost overnight. NK has one of the largest […]

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Putting a life Purpose into Practice – changing North Korea for the better

My purpose in life is to help people change the world for better. Within that purpose, a basic concept I believe in is that the goal of life is to be happy and to limit being sad. I also believe that everyone should have the right to be free to choose. Free to choose where […]

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