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Reflections on Myanmar – Money

Before you get to Myanmar, you’ll probably do a bunch of Internet research. One of the foremost pieces of shared wisdom is the need to bring crisp US dollar bills in high denominations. Fortunately the situation is rapidly improving, and I thought I would share my insights into the world of Myanmar money. In my […]

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Reflections on Myanmar – Rain (rainrainrain)

My trip to Myanmar coincided with the monsoon, the rainyrainyrainy season. On the way in from the airport on the first day the rain was pretty impressive, but it had finished by the time we left the bus, and the world was mainly dry by the time we went out. Natpwitay was dry apart from […]

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Reflections on Myanmar – Taxi Practice

[In June 2013 I visited Myanmar as part of the World Economic Forum Annual Summit for Young Global Leaders – YGLs. At the time I wrote up some reflections but sadly neglected to share them until now] Natpwitaw cabs – in the distant capital, when the hotel offers you their own car, it cost $20 […]

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