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‘Network Thinking’ – TEDxBerlin talk

We spend time thinking about ‘social networks’, and happily attend ‘networking’ events. And when we look at networks from a more academic perspective, we explore social graphs, mapping the connections between nodes. And yet, there is much more to networks. This talk makes a distinction between network infrastructure and network flows – the traffic that […]

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TEDxKrakow Talk is back again! ‘How Things Spread’

For some reason my talk was one of 20 or so on the TEDx YouTube channel that got removed a month ago. Fortunately the TEDx team were able to repost my video. It meant I lost a lot of views that I had the first time the video was released, but I’m just happy the […]

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ISPIM Presentation on Crowdsourcing & Complex Systems

ISPIM is the leading academic conference on innovation and product development, with over 200 PhD presentations from over 50 countries. Mark Turrell, CEO of Imaginatik plc (, presented some of the underlying concepts behind collaboration at mass scale, the area of crowdsourcing. This presentation was mainly in pictures – so there is relatively little text […]

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A business is not a baby – story in Growing Business

  Note – I like this article, especially my quote at the end: “I’ve seen this company grow, shrink and back again, and sometimes it’s not very nice to you. Fundamentally, it’s a business. It’s not a baby. I have two children. You wouldn’t want to sell one of those because you got a really good offer […]

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  I have lived my entire life as an entrepreneur. My first venture was when I was six years old – a finger puppet show that ran for two days at Telford School in Leamington Spa, charging 5 pence entry to the other kids. The entertainment business is a far cry from working with enterprise […]

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Business Today: Mark Turrell Profile on being an Entrepreneur

  Business Today is an online publication and thanks to Imaginatik‘s PR team at Edelman, I have been featured in the very first issue.  The magazine is produced by Ten Alps Publishing on behalf of the British Chambers of Commerce. The magazine aims to have the largest distribution in the UK B2B market and will be received by […]

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Front End of Innovation Europe – See you in Vienna!

If you are based in Europe, and into Innovation, you really, really need to plan to attend the Front End of Innovation conference in Vienna in January (28 – 31 Jan, 2008). I went to the event last year (Munich) and most of the US events (Boston), and they are full of value. The events […]

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