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Mark’s Innovation Expertise – 24 Things to Explore

I recently had a follow-up conversation with a judge at the Hult Prize and we got talking about innovation. My current work has been on Scaling, now put into book format (available at Scaling is highly relevant for innovation. I consider innovation to be the process of developing new things that deliver value. The key is delivering value. […]

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Scaling Education Initiatives

Focused conferences are great ways of scaling initiatives. The attendees are there for largely similar reasons, boosting the odds that you might meet someone who can help progress your own efforts. The keynote speakers give everyone a set of messages that furthers the goals of the organizers, not just those in the room, but to […]

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Fifty Shades of Grey – movie photos keep the scaling ‘Crescendo’ building

I’m sharing as I’ve made a case study on how Fifty Shades of Grey to become a $billion business in just a few years ‪#‎scaling‬ book at Dakota Johnson Is Ready For Her ‘Fifty Shades’ Close-Up We’re now less than one year away from the release of “Fifty Shades of Grey,” and Universal Pictures provided […]

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