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Remarkable things about the iPad

I have always been fascinated by new technologies, particularly those that are social in nature (and look cool). So, obviously when the iPad came out, I placed my pre-order as soon as possible, and looked forward to the day when I could take it out of it’s sleek box. I then got a couple more […]

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I recognize you! Automatically! All your old pictures (and other people’s )!

I have been fascinated by the way that new social technology is in the cusp of dramatically changing human relationships and interactions. I am particularly interested in notions of trust – and mistrust. One technology I have been following has been facial recognition technology. This has profound implications in the way we portray ourselves as […]

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FIRE Conference – San Diego

I recently was invited to the FIRE (Future in Review) conference in San Diego. (See photos)My company was nominated as a Firestarter company – a fast growth technology company in the ‘one to watch’ category. I’m going to sit down and write more on this later, but in general, my observations were: – this is […]

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