Working on sanitation and rural development in India – my interest in the Great WASH Yatra

Although I might have a reputation more on innovation, technology and revolution, I am deeply interested in applying my skills – and the science of spread – to all types of social challenge. So, when I came across WASH United, and their goal of improving human lives through better sanitation, I was very interested both to learn more… and to work out how I could help.

So, I am working on some tactics to help them spread this challenge. Cunning plans as always!

The focus right now is India and the challenge there of eradicating open defecation (pooing without a toilet) by 2017… not a small feat given 600 million people still amazing live without toilets.

The Gates Foundation has sponsored the initiative to reinvent the toilet, which may solve the ‘hardware’ part of the problem.

Reinvent the Toilet – Gates Foundation

The WASH United Yatra project is intended to address the ‘software’ side – how to raise awareness and change daily behavior. You can read more on the project at WASH United’s web site . And, in the meantime, I will work on designing a nice spread program for their Oct 2012 procession across India to become as successful as possible!


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