Human energy is special (it is not conserved)

In physics, there is the firm convention that energy is conserved. If an object gains energy, something else loses energy.

Human energy is different. We do not have a zero-sum equation that governs our energy. Human energy, both positive and negative, is not conserved. It is special.

When we think of human energy, we think on the positive side of enthusiasm, dynamism, positive attitude. We think smiles, laughter, joy. We hug, we touch, we jump for joy. We throw ourselves into projects, sometimes working for hours without a break, doing things that we find important. And this work often does not even take energy away, but instead gives us more.

Of course, not all energy is positive. Human energy can be negative too. Moaning, depressed. Debbie Downer providing negative comments on your dress, your plans, your attitude. Apathy, lethargy, sitting around doing F-all.

But, one person’s boost in energy (and let us now focus just on positive – much more fun) does not cause others to lose energy. The planet does not suddenly lose calories of energy value. Usually human energy is contagious, it spreads, and often grows. Steve Jobs had bagfuls of energy, and many of us are direct beneficiaries of the energy of one individual. There is no sucking sound of energy being taken away.

Our human energy is the real energy source we need to focus on. We have not always had bagfuls of energy. Throughout our 100,000 year existence, we have not really used our energy positively. We spend several hundred years directing our energy to skinning alive people who disagreed with us, not as individual disagreements but signing up to the wrong religion, or living in the wrong place.

But when human energy is positively applied, we see the sparks, the energy surge that transforms us. From the spirit that is imbued into music and art, to the passion of those social and business entrepreneurs – and public leaders – who moved us to a new level of progress.

So the next time you think about energy, remember that human beings do have a special power. I am working on ‘where does it come from’ … but I will save that for another ‘blast’. Till then, be happy, and share your energy.

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