Letter to Saif Gaddafi – formerly a Young Global Leader

Sent: info@algathaficall.org 23:49 21 Feb 2011

Attn: Saif – YGL contact [[[ note YGL is the Young Global Leader network of the World Economic Forum – Saif Al Gaddafi is no longer a member – blog post from WEF]]]

We have never met, and are in all likelihood unlikely to ever meet. I’d just like to say that there seems to be an inevitability that is missing in the current situation in Libya, one that can be prolonged with much bloodshed of your own people (if you actually care – unlikely), or curtailed slightly (but the path has been set).
There is a well-known Swedish saying “the fish rots from the head”. This is a truthful statement. An organization, be it a country or a business, is led by its leader.
It is amazing to think that any human being can be so nonsensical as to say that they will “fight to the last man and woman”… when they are referring to their own people. This is insane – who exactly are you fighting? You might as well just watch Fight Club with a bottle of Jack D and start stabbing your hand with a fork (maybe that is the situation…)
We will never meet – it is unlikely that you will live for long. Most revolutions chop the heads off the past leaders – this is unlikely to be an exception.
You can do something to stop this. The fish still has a head. This is a totally non-winnable situation for yourself and your family – for the current regime overall. It is inevitable that the change will take place. So you can either wait for your security detail to kill you (or your family first), or try to work out a situation that protects your people, brings in democracy – all the values you signed up to and made you worthy (at the time) of being a potential Young Global Leader.
I wish you well if you choose to end this right – and for you and your family to rot in hell if you do not. Good people do not shoot women and children with gunships and mercenaries.

Mark Turrell 

Founder, Orcasci
The Science of Spread


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