Infiltrating key functions + spreading out protests – some ideas

Infiltrate the Police / Security Services / Admin / Cleaning Staff in Key Places

Now here’s a mischievious idea – that I am sure has been had before. Regimes really do not like being swept away, and the bad autocratic ones will try whatever they can do to stop this from happening. So, how would you counter-attack against the regime’s clampdown against a protesting movement?

The easiest way would be to take control of the key structures via infiltration. In this technique, you ideally want to convince people in key influencing roles to either switch sides, or to be non-supportive of the regimes actions.

And example in Tunisia would be Gen. Rachid who refused to shoot Tunisian protestors (see 24 Jan NYT article

Another technique is to ‘get to’ the people who are in control of these key functions to bring them on side. Without being too specific, and in my case here purely hypothetical, one could imagine:

–       finding out who is a police person in the neighborhood, and asking them and their family about how they feel supporting the nasty regime… and perhaps not shooting rubber bullets (or aiming high)…

–       perhaps a neighbor works as a cleaner or an underling in an important building… might be interesting to leave a door unlocked or two…

–       I’d probably try to do things anonymously (you would be working in a chaotic, potentially lethal riot zone, so I guess you would not have to update your FourSquare status…)

There will be many more ways of infiltration, some context driven, some I just did not even start thinking about. I was just speculating, and perhaps some techniques might be useful to folks on the ground trying to free their countries from nasty people.

Final thought – crowds tend to over-cluster. So everyone ends up in exactly the same place, making it much easier for nasty authorities to box you in, and stop you leaving. Much better would be to map out the various key places and have several protest points (e.g. BBC Egypt Flashpoints Map – This makes things harder to control. I’d probably get personal too. By that I mean… the houses of where key government ministers live, army generals, royal palaces, head of the TV station, etc. Their families will be very upset with their husbands bringing potential torment on them.

Again, nothing new here. Just some thoughts.

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