Comment on Brightidea post: annoying web site did not let me post properly

Don’t you get really annoyed when you have a great comment to make to an article… but the web site is bust and doesn’t accept comments. Well, once again this has happened to me, but instead of just getting upset, I’ll post a link to the article here, and my comment below. Great thoughts should not go to waste!

Main article: The Hobson & Holtz Report –

FIR Interview: Matthew Greeley, Founder and CEO, BrightIdea

And my comment:

“Imagine an iceberg heading towards you… and you are a ship… That is a little bit what it’s like when companies try to follow in Dell or Starbucks’ footsteps and realize that collecting ‘ideas’ is only part of the problem. Innovation needs to be managed, and ideas, whilst important, are only part of the solution. Matt’s work at BI, together with the work we’ve done at Imaginatik ( has really helped serious implementors achieve real business benefit (instead of keeping the HP and IBM PC teams awake at night reading every post coming into the Dell system – which is completely public domain, no IP protection, etc). So – for those implementing real systems, I recommend taking a look at Matt’s firm – and my own, of course 🙂

Mark Turrell

CEO, Imaginatik plc


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