ISPIM Presentation on Crowdsourcing & Complex Systems

ISPIM is the leading academic conference on innovation and product development, with over 200 PhD presentations from over 50 countries. Mark Turrell, CEO of Imaginatik plc (, presented some of the underlying concepts behind collaboration at mass scale, the area of crowdsourcing. This presentation was mainly in pictures – so there is relatively little text explanation of the concepts.

For the slides, the order is:

– complex systems

– simple patterns emerge from unimaginable complexity

– patterns emerge through heuristics or rules of thumb

– a live experiment of clapping demonstrated emergence

– these systems operate in a network – and a network of network

– the key to a network is the intersections – this is where innovation most frequently takes place

– there is a difference between systems driven by scarcity and those by abundance

– an abundance of intersections boosts the likelihood of creative outcomes (Starbucks comparison)

– there is tremendous brainpower in humans

– if we can only tap into it in a more effective way

crowdsourcing provides such a means

– we predict crowdsourcing at enterprise – and global scale – will profoundly change organizations – and the path of the world in terms of beneficial social change

And to conclude – connect with Mark on twitter (@mark_turrell), FB & LinkedIn (

2 Responses to “ISPIM Presentation on Crowdsourcing & Complex Systems”

  1. Very Interesting presentation, Enterprise crowd sourcing is a very interesting idea. Will connect.

  2. Interesting perspective on crowdsourcing. I thought I’d share an interesting new website with you that utilizes crowdsourcing in order to function. It is highly innovative.

    The website is It uses crowdsourcing in order to help musicians at the beginning of their careers finance themselves. It is a relatively new endeavor that was launched in January of 2009.

    The Internet has made ideas like this possible. Innovation has enabled this website to think about the music industry in a different way.

    It’s an interesting concept and I hope you take a look at it. Check out my blog. It is also about innovation. Hopefully we can connect in the near future.

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