Feedback on the History of Idea Management – ah, back in the early days…

Another prompt from a Google alert – I came across an interview with the co-founder of, Vince Carbone, by blogger Braden Kelley (@innovate on Twitter). I was inspired to write a brief note, really to clarify a point of history as to who / how the term Idea Management was created. It is a little unfair to give Gartner the credit – and as an additional point of reference in this post, the original Gartner research and case studies going back to 2002 – 2004 were on Imaginatik‘s Idea Central technology in our pharma clients. So, here’s my post:

A little bit of history… The original inspiration for the domain now called Idea Management was the book, Corporate Creativity, by Robinson & Stern. It was part of an MBA course module at Cass Business School, and used y a team of PhD researchers, myself included, to develop the first corporate system back in 1998. For the first two years of the industry’s existence, there was a debate whether it should be called ideas management (makes more logical sense) or idea management (nicer ring to it, but sadly not a plural noun (ish) like ‘knowledge’). As the industry pioneer at the time, we as <a href=’’>Imaginatik</a>, decided on idea management, based on a 2000 report by PwC that definitively chose Idea Management as the way forward. Hmmm… sounds like time to write or update a Wikipedia entry 🙂 All the best, Mark Turrell CEO, Imaginatik plc


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