Obama’s Stimulus Package – can crowdsourcing help?

I came across a post on crowdsourcing the stimulus package – and made my own comments to the blog. I’m copying the original post and my response here. An interesting approach!


Can Crowdsourcing control the Stimulus?

Posted by Vinson on Mar 24, 2009 in CrowdSourcing |

As the federal government starts doling out billions of dollars from the economic recovery package, there’s growing concern that officials will not be able to account for every project and every dollar spent. Should the government enlist everyday Americans with an Internet connection to help? Jerry Brito thinks so.Brito is a senior research fellow at George Mason University’sMercatus Center and the founder and co-creator of StimulusWatch.org, a Web site that tracks “shovel-ready” projects that may eventually receive stimulus funding.

The site lives on crowdsourcing, or outsourcing a task to a large undefined community that takes relies on Web technologies and access to public data to perform its function. Brito spends most of his time studying and writing about transparency and accountability and started paying close attention last fall as lawmakers and the incoming Obama administration began debating the merits of an economic stimulus package.

Skeptics suggested that cities and states lacked the “shovel-ready” projects needed for a wide-scale stimulus. The U.S. Conference of Mayors quickly compiled a wish list from big city mayors, who had plenty of projects that lacked the necessary funding. Brito’s site lists every project on the mayors’ lists by locationkeyword or the type of project. Users can vote on the merits of each proposed project and help write a description for each one. StimulusWatch 2.0 will track each project that receives stimulus funding and allow users to post updates on their progress, Brito said.

Continue reading the full article here.


[where’s my comment gone too – agh!!! will have to see if it is being held up for review – more to follow!]


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