Smartsourcing – I’ll give you $2.00 if you tell me what it is

I just got a Facebook alert from Jonathan Spira, Senior Analyst at Basex on my latestTwitter update regarding my last blog post on enterprise crowdsourcing for cost reductions. OK, I am making this deliberately a little complicated, but that is what life is these days.

Jon referred me to a blog entry by his colleage, Cody Burke, on smartsourcing (, defined as “a new offering that provides on-demand access to virtual workers who can be employed on a task-by-task basis.”

I have looked at this for several years, playing with sites like guru(.net?), elance, and various contest sites. I have also used it at my firm, Imaginatik, when we hired an outside brainstorming company (5 people around the world) to come up with a bunch of ‘deviant ideas’ for a drinks company to help ideate around energy drinks.

The concept is an interesting one, especially with the new workforce of computer literate, internet-savvy, highly educated, unemployed people hitting the workforce. We shall see how this plays out – certainly a topic to hear more about.


One Response to “Smartsourcing – I’ll give you $2.00 if you tell me what it is”

  1. Mark, Smartsourcing is the name we at Smartsheet have given to the access to Amazon’s Mechanical Turk through our work management application. Turns out, getting help from within a project for any kind of informational work that you need researched for pennies an ask is incredibly useful to busy managers. Here’s a nice article with an example:

    I’ll wave the two dollars you offered in the title and give you $20 back in credit to try Smartsourcing via Smartsheet if you like. Just send me an email via and I’ll turn on your account with the credit.

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