– interview with Mark on being an entrepreneur


Finger Puppets!

Imaginatik 0.01 Business Plan: Finger Puppets!

I have lived my entire life as an entrepreneur. My first venture was when I was six years old – a finger puppet show that ran for two days at Telford School in Leamington Spa, charging 5 pence entry to the other kids. The entertainment business is a far cry from working with enterprise innovation management software at Imaginatik. Having said that, once you have the entrepreneurial mindset, and actually do something about it properly, you do seem to be stuck with it 🙂

I was recently asked to do an interview for a cool site for entrepreneurs: They have a set of questions they give entrepreneurs to learn more about their approach to innovation, their track record, motivation, highs and lows. This is in their Starter for 10 section of the magazine.

I encourage you to take a look what I said here. Having done an IPO at 36 years old (without any venture capital money behind me), and growing the company several fold over the last few years, I have a few tricks I am happy to share!

And a little more on the magazine itself: is a site primarily for people who want to start or are in the process of growing their business. It was launched in March 2008 and offers guidance on how to develop your business, featuring guides, inspiring stories from successful entrepreneurs, news and features.

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