Another Idea Management Start-Up – Kindling

I try to keep track of the emerging market for Idea Management – a term that is developing a variety of different strains. One of the ones that hit my radar recently (thanks Twitter friends!) is Kindling.

Screenshot of the Kindling web site - nice web 2.0 color palette

Screenshot of the Kindling web site - nice web 2.0 color palette

In terms of their web site, I quite liked their Tutorials section, although it really highlighted to me how spartan their application set was in terms of enterprise requirements for these systems. That is one of the general problems coming into an industry 10 years late, with no background in the underlying business concepts or use examples.

As a start-up, it is not really worth making too many comments on yet another new company in the space. With an 85% failure rate for tech start-ups within 18 months in a normal economy, start-ups are typically not long for this planet, making them a hard buy / commitment for decent sized companies (but small firms can probably take the risk). It is worth point out that:

  • it is not exactly cheap for that you get at $60 per person per year
  • the functionality is way behind the curve in terms of end-to-end requirements
  • it looks quick cute and friendly
  • there is no services or human engagement support

The last point is quite critical: Idea Management is about human and leadership engagement NOT software (I wrote about Naked Software on an earlier version of my blog – here).

So, yet another start-up. Fantastic validation that there is interest. Good luck to them with raising venture capital money, generating revenue from corporate clients, and beating the start-up failure rate odds. And in the meantime, if anyone is seriously interested in being successful and generating returns – say 10 times return on investment – take a look at Imaginatik instead (ok, a plug for my own firm :).


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