Social computing goals for 2009: edit in one place, auto-update everywhere

I am having a frustrating time trying to get my ‘status feed’ working across all my social applications. I have decided to use Twitter as my main place to update my status ( I do this usually once a day, sometimes more often if I am sitting at the computer, or if I am using one of my two iPhones (my Nokia N95, which I use for the UK, has a lousy web interface).


Twitter updates Facebook – this was my first revelation. I have many more friends on Facebook than I have followers on Twitter, but FB does not really allow one to communicate outside of its own walled garden, whereas Twitter is open to the world. So strike two applications at once: Twitter and Facebook.

I then use to host my blog – and it took me ages to work out how to incorporate my Twitter RSS feed into one of these fancy widgets in the margins. I finally managed to get the RSS working – but that was a real fiddle, and it does not look super nice.


Using Twitter to write once - share everywhere (and an excuse to make the picture more exciting 🙂

Now I would like to do a few more things, but no success with my Google searching so far:

1) Have Twitter get an auto-update whenever I post anything new on WordPress – saves me writing something, copying and pasting the URL into tinyurl, and pasting into an update

2) Have Twitter update my LinkedIn status () – I do not know if anyone really uses the status here, but in any case I do not want to have to do it seperately

3) Have Yahoo Messenger auto-update its status if I have a new Twitter message… otherwise let me over-write the Twitter update just in Msg – I use that to communicate what I am doing to the rest of my work colleagues, who all use Yahoo Msgr. One problem – my Mac client for Yahoo Msgr does not reset the status message when you restart the machine, so I often find myself with week old status messages. Whe I used to have a PC, the message would always reset itself to ‘available’

These are just some thoughts right now. Of course, the goal for this year is edit once, publish automatically (with controls) everywhere. At least we have a whole 12 months to run at this!

5 Responses to “Social computing goals for 2009: edit in one place, auto-update everywhere”

  1. You can have Twitter Updated by Using Friendfeed to aggregate your blog, and then selecting only your blog to be forwarded to Twitter. Also, make sure the click the box telling FF to send direct links to the source, ( your blog) other than having it link to the entry on Friendfeed

  2. I think you should look into or FriendFeed to emit to Twtter and various other services rather than trying to use Twitter as the originating service. Unless originating from SMS is absolutely necessary for you.

  3. For #1, you can use
    For #3, you can use Yahoo’s MyBlogLog. It shows ur twitter status on Yahoo IM. You need to add your twitter profile to Yahoo MyBlogLog.
    For #2, not sure if there is a good way to do it. But if you use, you can post to both twitter/linkedin at the same time.

  4. Thanks for everyone’s suggestions – I will go exploring! Cheers, Mark


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