Another FaceBook tale – how the ‘Relationship Status’ tag destroyed a relationship

Another fun, real story I picked up, this time from Boston. One of my friends, S, a girl, was going out with a guy – a six month relationship, decent distance between them, but at least planning to take things to the next level. He was originally from Boston and was going to move back, and they could live together, presumably happily ever after. Ah, the simple stories are the good ones.

Then something happened. It was pointed out to S (ok, by me) that her relationship status on FB was still Single. After six months. His was also … Single… again after six months. Something struck me as odd that they can be planning to move in with each other, but neither was happy to change a daft status update on their presumed mutual status.

OK, so the status change would  have been blasted to all their friends, mutual and otherwise. So either one of them (I have no information) might have had some other irons in the fire just in case this relationship did not work out (would make sense, who would blame anyone).

And so it came to be that the relationship ended. Of course, there could be a multitude of reasons why this could be (I did not ask). But, this could be yet another example of the strange new human dynamics we are seeing in the world of social networking at Internet scale.

Lovers beware!

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