Beware of laying off IT administrators?? Held to Ransom by IT!

Sitting on a BA flight from London to San Francisco, I was disheartened to read a sidebar article in the Daily Telegraph: “Beware of Laying off IT Administrators”. According to Cyber-Ark, an identify management firm, 88% of IT administrators would “steal valuable and sensitive company information” if they were laid off. Are you kidding!

In the world of innovation, and supply innovation process systems to companies, IT is getting more and more involved (calling it butting their noses into business decisions) in the decisions to select and deploy systems to support collaborative innovation and problem solving. It is not enough that they have zero experience with innovation, and a dreadful track record on knowledge management and collaboration software – we now find out we cannot even hold IT people accountable and get rid of them, just in case they steal stuff on their way out the door. Aie!

At least one good thing is happening (and if you are an IT person we work with… I don’t mean you!). As companies downsize, IT is one of the first groups to get the chop. Our company, Imaginatik, can help by using the wisdom of crowds to identify cost saving opportunities, without head-count reduction. We can then help our real champions, the business folks, as IT departments are no longer big enough to build their own idea management software applications, or run six month evaluation projects (crazy, when Imaginatik, in this space, has a 65% market share – and the other vendors are practically penniless mom & pop shops, albeit it with nice web sites). IT will not longer have the resources to “drive innovation” – that will be up to the business people, buying software as a SERVICE, not buying SOFTWARE.

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