Moving from blogger to wordpress – my rationale

I have been using Blogger for my innovationBBL blog for about three years. I recently changed my work load around a lot, so I have more time to work on research and publish some of the leading edge work I have been doing at Imaginatik on topics such as social networking, enterprise implications of ‘internet’ type networking tools, how to leverage critical mass effects to spread messages, and other good things.

A decent while ago I upgraded my old Blogger account to its new software. In doing so, it messed up my settings making it hard for me to post. Worse, I had forgotten how to make changes to my template – which I had customized in a probably late night fit of Red Bull ages ago – and I could not get rid of old links. Argh! What to do.

Then I had a chance meeting with a great guy, Johnny Bentwood of Edelman – and author of the excellent Technobabble blog. I met him at Heathrow’s Terminal 5 – just saw him as I was sitting down for a coffee. As I was thinking about how to revamp my own blog efforts, I asked him for some words of wisdom. His words were wise! And I will be following them! And one of them was to switch to WordPress, which I have just done today / tonight (no Red Bull involved – yet).

So, I hope this works out. And I can assure everyone, no animals were hurt in the making of this post.

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