Tom Malone – Innovation & Education Lecture – Harvard Business School Publishing

On Thursday this week I was extremely fortunate to be invited to a lecture by Professor Tom Malone of MIT. He presented his latest thinking on the changing nature of work, and the discussion focused on its impact on education. Work is fundamentally being changed by new technology, and this changes people’s expectations of the work they do, the rewards they receive, how they want to be treated, and of course, how they can be best managed.

One notion I found fascinating was the concept that collaborative technologies greatly reduce the cost of transactions (i.e. it is cheap to talk, wherever you are), and that this cheap collaborative technology now offers the potential to ‘democratize’ organizations. The example of InnoCentive was used as a network of researchers who solve problems for money.

Sadly I had to leave early, so I missed the chatting over cheese and drinks. I will be in touch with him later though. My experience with tapping into the Collective Genius with Imaginatik’s Idea Central technology and human process will undoubtedly be an eye opener. And just think how his eyes will pop (or more realistically one of his PhD students), when I show him the data we have accumulated over the last decade on how people ACTUALLY use these systems. Yes, definitely worth another chat.

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