Call for Action: Innovation Researchers Required – Assistance Provided

Categories: Innovation Insights

Are you doing any interesting research in Innovation? Have you already started doing research, or are you just getting started? I would love to hear from you and learn more about what you are doing, and maybe I and my company, Imaginatik, might be able to help in some way.

There are three specific areas I am looking for right now (May 2006 – Sept 2006):

  • Innovation surveys and questionnaires – do you have a prepared survey on some aspect of innovation that we can use to generate new knowledge and insights? If so, we would like to work with you to craft a survey that can be used with the Corporate Innovation newsletter – it goes out to over 5,000 people bi-weekly and is the most widely read e-publication on innovation.
  • Innovation and Personality Styles – I am deeply interested in the human side of innovation. I developed the Orchid Model as a framework to describe people’s attitudes towards handling new things, and recently this model has been turned into an online questionnaire (takes 5 minutes – instant results). The bigger picture is that I believe that individual attitudes towards new things will have a profound impact on things like collaboration, team work, role assignment – even how people respond to new products in a marketing focus group. So, I am looking for people who have either got pre-existing research (i.e. a data set, some findings) who would like to layer on an Innovation personality style dimension, or people who would like to do original research in some way that the model will be applied. For these types of use we will grant a free ‘academic’ license for use – I am really interested to see how far we can take this.
  • Open Innovation – how are people tapping into innovative insights, ideas, product or business concepts, creative consumers, expert panels, and so on and so on, to foster innovation? We have done over 20 different projects in this area (i.e. designed and implemented a process + web-based software) and I am intrigued to learn more about what other people are doing, plus to see if we might be able to help out.

So your call to action:

  • innovation survey – suggested questions or a completed survey
  • innovation personality styles – use our validated instrument to identify individual’s styles and provide a new dimension to innovation research
  • open innovation – share new research and tests

To get hold of me, you can e-mail – I will respond to people personally (as fast as I can!).

Many thanks in advance,



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