Who on earth are you? Take the Orchid Test and find out (plus help with some research)

Categories: Innovation Insights, Innovation Software

Personality profiles, such as Myers-Briggs, have become popular tools at many organizations, who use it to test how potential hires may fit in with their culture, to problem solve thorny relationships between managers and their direct reports, and other applications. But such personality profiles only touch on the topic of innovation. To remedy that, Imaginatik Research has developed what it calls the Orchid Model, a method that combines innovation-related personality styles with a method of engaging the workforce in an innovation program. You can read more about the Orchid Model here.

Imaginatik Research, in concert with the Creative Advantage innovation consulting firm, is now in the final phase of validaing the Orchid Style questionnaire, and they need your help. They now seek to conduct a study to validate the value of its questions. If you’d like to see what your innovation style is, click here to fill out the Orchid Style questionnaire.

After you submit your responses, you will immediately be presented with your personal results – and advice – on-screen and you can request all this be sent to you via e-mail. You can also return to the site using the link at a later time to view everyone’s results.

The questionnaire and results will provide you insights into your own innovation preferences, your strengths and your weaknesses, and will provide advice on how you can improve your working environment.

Your scores will help validate an important instrument that should aid many innovation initiatives and individuals around the world. Your data will only be used in aggregate – Imaginatik Research and Creative Advantage will not supply any data to anyone outside the core research team.


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