Is innovation growing as a market place? Proof from Fortune

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In November 2004, Fortune magazine ran an Innovation Forum in NYC for senior executives. It was invite only. They reached capacity at 240 people (I know – I signed up late but the conference was already full).

In November 2005, Fortune ran the conference again in a slightly different format. The two-day event (open invite) had more speakers, an exhibit area, and a pretty cool Innovation Zone provided by consulting firm, Stone Yamashita (compliments of GE who looked like they picked up the bill). The conference had almost 900 attendees, mostly senior management, from a hugely diverse industry base. Retail, real estate, hospital management, consumer products, insurance, manufacturing, utilities, public transport, charities, etc. In parallel to the conference they ran a highly successful blog: businessinnovation.

In 2003, there was no Fortune innovation forum.

Effectively Fortune has jumped into this innovation market, and in two years they have become the largest conference organizer in terms of bums on seats for a single event. I believe 2006 will be at least double again – and they will have to fight with more competition.

The nice thing in terms of market trends, is that senior people go to conferences for a reason. They want to learn about the area to invest and start doing something. 2006 will be a wonderful year 🙂

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