Innovation Lessons from History – booklist on Amazon

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I have finally got round to adding some of my favorite innovation history books on a new Amazon Listmania list – Innovation Lessons from History. I had a revelation when reading the Fruits of War:

the past will be the future unless something changes

I have always been fascinated by history (I would have done an A-Level in History but the classes clashed with Economics & French Literature). I have found working with companies that it is nigh on impossible to criticize any current or planned future innovation initiatives and product plans. The rationale is that if it were a bad idea, it would never be on the current project list, despite the knowledge that a large proportion of the projects will later fail to make the grade.

If you think of any other books – please mail me and let me know.

2 Responses to “Innovation Lessons from History – booklist on Amazon”

  1. “The past will become the future unless something changes”….

    I only heard this quote recently but found myself talking to a company director about a cancelled innovative project and using it as part of my argument against this action.

    The main reason for the project being cancelled was another project, that was playing catch-up in the market,requiring a large proportion of the company resources and these could not be diverted. This may sound trivial and slightly unconnected. However, the tie-in to the quote came as I realised that the reason they were playing catch-up was they didn’t feel the need to get ahead until they found themselves second in the market. Now they have a chance to get ahead by getting into a new market. However, they are unable/unwilling. “The past will be the future unless something changes” – someone else will see this new market opportunity, of that I have no doubt. Will they repeat the past?

  2. Great quote-even more pithy than a favorite of mine: “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”

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