A Fool with a Tool is Still A Fool

Categories: Innovation Insights

At the recent InnovateEurope conference I saw a fantastic slide from Howard Smith, CTO at CSC, entitled “A Fool with a Tool is Still A Fool”. His underlying theory, based on extensive practice within CSC and within client organizations, is that innovation is a reliable business process, and that there are methodologies, such as TRIZ, that can help define and improve these business processes.

More needs to be written on this topic – you can read Howard’s blog for more information – but I did like the quote. This is very much in line with my thinking on Naked Software. I did some research and found that the quote comes originally from Grady Booch, computer scientist and founder of Rational Software. It might sound tough to call people fools for buying naked software, but I calls ’em as I sees ’em. ‘Nough said 🙂

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