Turn your Shower Stall into an Ideation Zone

Categories: Innovation Insights

I just watched a FedEx Kinkos advert – a group of executives cram into a shower stall. The leader, surprisingly bald (most executives have good hair), is asked why they are all in there tohether. “We are opening a new business next week – and I have my best ideas in the shower”. Of course, the answer for their new business problem is to print signs and flyers at FedEx Kinkos.

Still, the broader question is why do companies persist running ideation sessions in the same tried – and tired – old ways? The shower stall approach is at least somewhat novel, but come on. Well-designed (non-naked) Idea Management software, available on a company intranet, provides a much better way of achieving the same goals. And no need to get scared if someone drops the soap 😉

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