Update on Thinking Time / The Importance of Tools

Categories: Innovation Insights, Business Life

I recently went through a weirdly unproductive research time. I was coming up with new insights in my work, but I was unable to actually write any of it down. It took my two months to work out why…

I used to own an HP ipaq handheld with a fold-out keyboard. This is a wonderful device – great for coffee shops, and even better for airplane rides in coach (31 inches legroom – and death to a laptop screen). Unfortunately the ipaq vanished from my bag (I know I will find it one day), and I did not immediately replace it. I then tried to use my laptop for writing my research papers, but I was always just a click away from e-mail, Yahoo Messenger alerts from work colleagues, or an internet browse. I therefore found that my papers never got beyond 200 words, and then they fizzled out, never to be restarted.

Joyfully, I bought another ipaq one weekend. Within five hours of buying the gadget I had written a deep dive on innovation metrics and some strategic company documents. Same person, same thoughts, new tool – I am happy again.

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