Let’s be realistic – IT departments have no time for Innovation

Categories: Innovation Insights, Innovation Software

My experience over the last 10+ years in this area is that IT departments have got enough time to listen to the business requirements (as an overview), help conduct a cursory review of systems, handle the software procurement process, and then vanish. Worse, some IT departments are stuck on providing systems in-house, but only have time to attend the first planning meeting. They take four weeks to get a quote back to the business on how long it will take to build a system in-house – based on nothing more than a back-of-the-envelope assessment of business needs.

I used to work in IT – Intel IT and at General Motors / EDS. I know the pressures of working in an internal applications group. Business users are maddening – they do not have clear needs, they bully you, they cannot be bothered to test your code once it is ready, fail to train staff when it is deployed, and then come up with a ton of changes within weeks of deployment – that you have no time or budget to fulfill.

I suggest business leaders take a pragmatic view when it comes to innovation technology support. Just accept that you are at the bottom of the IT priority list for in-house support. Now, if they choose to take on your $25m revenue growth target as their own and carry some business risk, great. If they play heavy-handed and try to block you achieving your business goals – look upwards for help. Maybe IT can drive revenue for a few companies – but let’s be real – in your firm, right now, you are on your own.


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