Category: Innovation Insights

This category covers insights and opinions on the world of corporate innovation – how companies, leaders, employees, and everyday people handle the process of generating new things that add value.

Fortune Magazine – Business Innovation Blog – Interview with Mark Turrell
Ideation Facilitators are Part of the Problem
Designing a Decent Innovation Conference – Some Guidelines
A Message to Innovation Directors – Take off the Blindfold
We will solve all the impossible problems – eventually
The Patterns of the Past Define the Future – Unless Something Changes
Does IT really drive innovation? A critique of Forrester Research report
Technology and the Fortune 500 – A New Type of Software Company?
Turn your Shower Stall into an Ideation Zone
What the Hell is Google Doing?
Innovation – Old Cars Teach Us Lessons from History
Naked! Idea Management Software Exposed!
Let’s be realistic – IT departments have no time for Innovation
Look at the walls – you will know if you are in a high margin business
Update on Thinking Time / The Importance of Tools
Do employees really not submit ideas because they want money?
Making Time to Think
Remember KM Software and Learn the Lessons
Intern Brainpower – how to connect them to the grid
Working with Dolphins
Innovation Process Experts should not share ideas – ever!
Innovation & Diversity
Thinking Technique – I wander as lonely as a … Cloud?


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