Making Time to Think

Categories: Innovation Insights

This is a personal observation that I have now built into all of my work with clients. We are so busy doing our day job that we do not have enough time to step back and think. And yet, if we do not think about our work, we end up wasting time on non-value adding activities, or miss out on taking short cuts to get the daily grind work done.

About two years ago I started to take Friday afternoons off. I realized that the phone did not ring, and often I was waiting for the bell to ring to finish up for the weekend (not quite, but almost). So, I started to leave the office early and head for the nearest loud coffee shop. Loud? That for me was essential. Too quiet and I was tempted to make work-related phone calls.

I have been able to maintain this (around 70% of Friday’s) for a long time – and have come up with an incredible amount of insights and research during this time. For me, this makes the whole week seem worth it – spending time to think about work.

One Response to “Making Time to Think”

  1. A friend used to have his best ideas walking the dog – nice and quiet, with the added benefit that the dog did not talk (unlike his family or co-workers).

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