Remember KM Software and Learn the Lessons

Categories: Innovation Insights, Innovation Software

It is sad the way that history tends to repeat itself – humans seems to be unable to remember lessons from history (I hanker to work with dolphins!). In spite of this I want to try something – please, please, please remember how bad your IT department was – and software vendors – at helping the business work on Knowledge Management applications.

KM was a debacle in the main. A sensible approach, messed up by well-meaning technologists. Take a look at your internal KM web sites, see if you can find the unused icons on your desktop, try to remember the last time you (or a friend) used any of the corporate KM systems.

The best companies doing KM had an integrated approach that considered business process, people – and management (a breed apart). The worst considered these three areas – and then bought some fancy software.
Innovation process technology is not dissimilar. It involves deep human processes, and needs to be leadership-driven.

A pure technology approach is a total waste of time. Don’t be fooled again – you have been warned.

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