Innovation Process Experts should not share ideas – ever!

Categories: Innovation Insights

This is a strange one. I was having a conversation with a colleague about a new, brand-name client. We are implementing a global system for them to support their innovation process – software and solution services. During our talk, my colleague excited described some ideas that would be ‘perfect ‘ for the company – and I mean ‘PERFECT!’.

At this point my antenna were on full alert. In my experience, it is unlikely that an outsider such as ourselves can go into a client and come up with a brand new idea that will change the world – and is unique, has value, and has not already been considered and implemented or discarded. Indeed, just sharing such an idea in front of a group can make the consultant seem less in the eyes of the client. So, my advice to people in the profession – keep your ideas to yourself and focus on the process.


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